Nominations for the offices of:

Local President
Local Secretary-Treasurer
Vice President – AT&T Mobility
Vice President – AT&T Core
Executive Board
Chief Stewards only(6 meetings not required)

Nominations will be accepted up to 5:00pm by phone(call or text) before the monthly Executive Board meeting of CWA Local 6203 on:

Tuesday, October 06, 2020
405 50th St

The Election Committee will accept phone nominations prior to the meeting. Any member in good standing may nominate, provided the nominee is a member in good standing, >attend at least six (6) of the past twelve (12) membership meetings(Chief Stewards not included) prior to April 2020(due to Covid 19) and agrees to be a nominee. For a list of responsibilities for these positions see the local by-laws. A copy can be provided.

Nominations for the offices of President and Secretary-Treasurer shall also constitute a nomination of the same person as a delegate to all CWA Conventions/Conferences held during the three year term. The AT&T Mobility Vice President and AT&T Core Vice President shall serve alternately as delegates/alternates as needed.

Janice Bell _____Chair, Election Committee

Joy Armstrong ________________Secretary, Election Committee

Janice Bell (806) 239-1100 (C) or 806 793-6203 (Hall)
Joy Armstrong (806) 787-1228 (C)

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